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Optionals Cinema Rooms (different atmospheres)

Optional cinema environments, additional to the current black background environment, for example:

Room 1: Sci-fi atmosphere, inspired or set in the interior of a space ship or science fiction space station, mass effect or star citizen type, 3D screen is represented between the edges of one of the windows or front window, the rest of the windows They only show space with stars or rocks floating outside the space.
This environment can be extremely relaxing and beautiful.

Room 2: Medieval fantasy atmosphere: inspired or set in a small medieval room, interior room type of a medieval castle like Kingdom Come Deliverance or Skyrim, it can contain wooden chairs, candlesticks and candles, banners, carpet.
The virtual game screen is represented between the edges of a large "painting" box.

Room 3: Terror / horror atmosphere, inspired or set in a small house abandoned by alleged ghost stories or games like Resident Evil 7, Silent Hill,amneasia with some darkness, can show a bedroom or living room with a fireplace, spider webs, wooden floor Old, torn curtains.

These 3 environments are just an example, and could be totally optional to the default environment for maximum performance. For me, this is a fantastic addition to Helix Vision that could also help you feel, in a particularly welcoming environment according to the type of game we want Play every moment.

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  1. Sounds good, I like your thematic suggestion.

    This is on the agenda. What I want to do here is to connect the SteamWorkShop, so that anybody will be able to create and share their rooms, so you’ll have access to anything people want to create for themselves.

  2. BTW, if you have interest in making these environments yourself, I’d be happy to plug anything you build into HelixVision.

    You can get Unity for free, and build any environment you like. If you share that with me, I’ll add it to the code base as optional rooms.

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