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UE4, DHR fix. Works with free Epic version.

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  1. I’ll take a look later today. It can sometimes be fiddly to get it to launch properly.

    The first error happened because 3D was not enabled, but it’s supposed to do that automatically. Might be worth making sure 3D is working in the Discover mode by using the Nvidia test image in the 3D control panel.

    Worth trying to launch it multiple times. Also if you launch it again when a Katanga is up and stuck- it will kill that old one and make a new one.

  2. I got it working – I think the issue was that I told it to use the latest 3DMigoto version. After reverting that it’s working in the headset. It does still show the red/green offset view on the monitor so I guess that’s normal.

    Unfortunately it won’t detect my gampad so I can’t actually play it, but that happens even in 2D.

  3. This seems to be working for me as well. If you are using the EpicGames version, they added another folder level for some dumb reason, so the automatic install won’t work. It’s possible to edit the profile by double-clicking the profile in left pane, and adding the correct path manually.

    I had to set the SSAA off, not playable even with a 1080ti, what with 3D plus VR at the same time.

    For whatever reason, controller working for me. This is XBox One wireless controller.

  4. I’m getting major slowdowns in the beginning of the third chapter with the endless maze on the Epic version.

    I finished it, one of the most great 3d games but the slowdowns do drop some points on this one.

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